5 ways to ace your interview for an IT job

5 ways to ace your interview for an IT job
5 ways to ace your interview for an IT job

26 August, 2017

5 ways to ace your interview for an IT job

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Recent reports reveal that the technology sector is booming. This has had a positive impact on the volume of IT opportunities available and is a great industry to be working within right now.

To make sure you are as well prepared as possible to wow employers, here are five ways to ace your interview for an IT job.


1. Technical preparation is essential

Like any other type of interview, preparation is the key ingredient to make sure you can give it your best shot and show a potential employer what you’re made of. However, along with the regular points to consider, you also need to prepare for the technical side.

Depending on the role you’re applying for, you may be asked to undergo a test or provide an analysis of a line of computer code, for example. The employer will be looking for you to demonstrate your ability to solve technical problems and understand your critical thinking process.

Practice talking through the process with your interviewer as if you were problem-solving in real time. If this means you need to draw a diagram (as that is how you would normally work out problems) then do this. Not only will this help the interviewer understand you better, but you are more likely to stay in their minds.

2. Bring your personality to the table

It’s important to not only show your technical knowledge but also showcase your personality to the interviewer.

A diverse range of people with different opinions, ideas and hobbies can create a very effective workforce and is an area employer’s focus on when recruiting IT professionals. They want to know you can fit within their team, communicate with various people internally and externally who may not understand technical language and represent their company.

During your interview try to:

  • Draw on your hobbies and interests where possible when answering questions
  • Relax and smile throughout – you’ll understandably be nervous but they’ve already shown an interest in you, let this give you a boost of confidence
  • Ask the employer questions about their business as well as the role
  • If you don’t know the answer to a question, be honest and say, but advise you are always willing to learn and develop as a professional

3. Show you understand their business (not just the tech side)

Although you will be attending an IT interview, which you may have secured from the knowledge you showed in your initial application, employers will also be looking for you to demonstrate an understanding of their business as a whole.

To really impress your interviewer, you need to go beyond what is on their website. Have they been in the news for growth, awards, research, developing an outstanding product? Do they partner with other organisations, if so why and who are they?

Do you know who their competitors are and if they are ahead of the competition, have you any ideas on how they can be even better? Any organisation will welcome well thought out ideas to attract customers and grow their business.

To help you find out information beyond the company’s website, you can create a Google Alert which will send new content on the company to your inbox. This may be anything from the CEO making a comment on an industry topic, to the latest product they’ve developed.

You could create a number of alerts which relate to different areas or people within the company to maximise your knowledge.

4. Have facts, stats and figures ready

All interviews require some form of evidence to show your ability to undertake the role. Take a look at the job requirements, for each one make a list on how you meet this requirement and make it quantifiable.

Examples of this:

  • A project you’ve worked on. Outline what it involved, what the results were and what your analysis of the project was
  • Consider the part you played in a key project or line of work and what impact did your involvement have on the results
  • Think of the sizes and values of projects you have worked on
  • If you’re applying for a management role, be specific about the size of teams you have worked for and results the team delivered as a result of your management

5. Research your interviewer

The more you can find out about who will be interviewing you, the better. It will give you chance to gain insight into their personality, how they conduct an interview and what they are focussed on, helping you prepare better for your interview.

If you have been selected for an interview through a recruitment agency, ask the consultant if they can provide you with more of an insight on the person or people interviewing you. If you have applied on your own, you could ask HR if they are the ones communicating with you or utilise LinkedIn.

Connect with your interviewer and look at who and what they are engaging with. If they are in groups, do they comment and post regularly? This will all help give you a better idea on how the interview may work.

Finally, remember that if you’re confident about what you know, honest about what you don’t, relax and be you, you’ve got the foundations you need for success. Good luck!


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